Jon is a husband, veteran, and business owner who wants the American Dream to be attainable for every Texan. He is a proven servant-leader who has a CLEAR VISION and wants to help his fellow citizens in Texas’s 9th Congressional District regardless of ethnicity, sex, or political party.
Born in Texas to a family with roots in this state since the 1830's, Jon grew up surrounded by the American Dream. From working as a paperboy at the age of 11 to building his own company, Jon’s story of hard work and grit led him truly appreciate the role of free enterprise in American society. From immigrant-owned restaurants to innovative tech firms, Jon strongly believes small businesses and entrepreneur are the backbone of the American economy. As a business owner, Jon understands and will do everything in his power to reduce job-killing regulations and burdensome taxes to help local businesses thrive.

Jon believes the way to circumvent the vicious cycle of poverty is through education, vocational or collegiate level, and a thriving economy that lays the foundation for more employment opportunities. Jon understands that most employment opportunities are technology related and advocates for related STEM training.
Having served as a proud Marine, Jon understands that the U.S. is part of a global community and we need to maintain strong relations with our allies as well as open communication with others without comprising our Nation’s core principles.

After attending Bible College in San Antonio for one year, Jon made the decision at 19 to join the Marines and served his country for 3 years. In 1989 he received his AA degree in Mathematics from Alvin Community College. He worked as a contractor for Shell from 2001-2009 while building his own business, The High-Speed Solution, which is now a thriving business.
Jon’s high school alma mater, Santa Fe High School, was the scene of a horrific shooting in 2018 inspired Jon to run for office and he is committed to working with leaders of both parties to pass commonsense, bipartisan solutions to provide better school security to keep our community safe.

Jon married his wife, Liping, in 2006. A Chinese immigrant who in addition to falling in love with Jon fell in love with America and joined the US Army in 2011 to defend our country. She is currently stationed in Italy. The Menefee’s military background gives Jon a CLEAR VISION for the unique needs of veterans necessary to help them thrive. Jon will be an advocate for VA reforms to protect whistle-blowers, retain only qualified employees and streamline the ridiculous claims process.
Jon is NOT a career politician and understands that Texans are tired of gridlock, polarization, petty partisanship and corruption in Washington.
Join Jon in his mission to bring a CLEAR VISION to Congress and deliver real solutions for Texans.

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