Criminal Justice Reform - Work to bring the same common-sense reforms from the Federal system (First Step Act) to the state and local jurisdictions.  I will also sponsor a study for sentencing reforms.  Right now, 90 percent of all prisoners are in State or local jails and prisons.  They are not reaping the benefits that the First Step Act is providing to people incarcerated in the Federal prisons.

Education - Education is fundamental to the successes of our children and society.  I will make sure that all students receive and equal opportunity to succeed in any type of higher education they wish to pursue, whether it be that four year college, a trade school or whatever method works for them.

2nd Amendment - Self Defense is not a Right that should be determined by a government. A person has the Right to determine how they want to defend their lives and the lives of their family.

Flooding – Instead of providing flood relief and rebuilding thru HUD, utilize the agency that is already on the ground and have them manage where and how the relief money is managed. Streamline the cooperation between the Army Corp of Engineers and local officials to be able to work together to make drainage better.

Higher Income – Make District 9 a business-friendly area by encouraging businesses to invest in the Economic Opportunity Zones that are already in place throughout the District. Introduce legislation that would reduce taxes for new businesses moving into the area that hire from residents who live in the 9th District.

Healthcare - Sponsor legislation that would remove barriers to telemedicine. Give tax breaks to PCP's who start their practice in medically deficient areas.  Allow small practices to ignore the Electronic Medical Records requirement.  EMR software doesn't uncover errors, it simply funds the software manufacturers.

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